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Transformational Astrology:
Weaving the Threads of Destiny
Luminous Guidance
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About Meira

Transformational Astrologer and Soul Guide

My practice is woven from the many threads I have gathered through my own journeys into the abyss. My life was transformed by the insights encountered through astrology and by the shamanic path and these are the gifts I wish to bring to others.


My soul craft is a dance of metaphor, vision and myth... It touches on the magical and is rooted in the pragmatic. I explore archetype through astrology, tarot, synchronicity and dream.


As an initiate of the Lyceum and Kabbalah, Reiki Master-Teacher, Sacred Geometrist, Poet and Musician, I draw on many disciplines to become a bright mirror in which my client can view who they were born to be, and grasp the steps they need to take to manifest their unique purpose. I offer healing and guidance sessions tailored to my clients' individual needs.


The Tools of my Craft


Exploring the depths of the subconscious mind through dreamwork and imagery


Astrological insights from the Western and Vedic birth charts and from the current movement and position of luminaries and planets


Illuminating the soul's code through poetry, music and art


Reiki and shamanic energy healing, including soul retrieval and extraction


Mentoring Pathways

Illuminating your soul's calling and uncovering the life patterns that may challenge or aid you in manifesting your potential
Supporting you through times of transformation, which are often heralded by a major life crisis, signalling an initiation
Creating a safe space in which you can envision and manifest your destiny, becoming who you were born to be

Helping you map a fulfilling life path

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