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  • Claire Gaia

New Moon Fire

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

An integral aspect of Shamanic Craft is honouring and working with the elemental forces that form the fabric of our lives. Fire is the element most lacking in the UK, with water, wind and earth dominating the landscape and climate, and sunlight and warmth often scarce. With the dominance of electric lighting in domestic and work environments, the rhythms of the rising and setting sun can seem to be a peripheral event of the daily experience, one which can be disregarded or even ignored as irrevelant to the modern technological age. To separate oneself from the organic cycles of Nature is to separate from the source of our own physical existence; conversely, to reconnect is to rediscover an innate vitality that makes domesticated habits pale into insignificance.

Standing beneath a starry night sky in deepest Wiltshire, not far from the ancient stone circle at Stonehenge, our shamanic circle honoured the spiritual fire within by lighting a sacred fire, which could aid us in embracing much-needed change; we wrote or imagined all that we needed to energetically release and stepped forward to offer this into the fiercely burning flames of our new moon fire.


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